Man tumblr’s preview blows so much.Anyway, witches or some shit. I was going to make a series out of it but this was the only good one.

blah blah blah blah I should be working on comics instead blah blah


boys? you mean sex toys that are rude and don’t even vibrate? no thank u

Anonymous asked:
heyyyy I love your gouache stuff <333 what kind of set or brand or materials do you use??


I use this brand called Plakkaatverf which I never heard of before purchasing it. I have a friend that works at an art supply store and that’s the only brand of gouache they provide. But I like it a lot! I hear Windsor Newton is also really good, and probably easier to find. 

When it comes to buying gouache don’t buy the cheap shit. Art supplies can cost dollaz, but the good quality stuff will last longer and be easier to use.

As for materials I usually paint on watercolor paper and use an array of brushes (some cheap, some on the pricier side).

Hope that helps ya!


Why people give me jobs I’ll never know

idk man I don&#8217;t get it
mattmarblo replied to your post“DUDE why are sex toys SO EXPENSIVE like come on guys there has to be…”
theres GOTTA be a DIY scene for that shit
Thing is idk if I’d trust a DIY scene. Only ‘cause the materials needed absolutely have to be safe for your body, and a lot of casting/molding materials are not. Which I guess is why prices can be so high.

However, what really sucks is the weird shit I’d love to try out but have no idea if it’d be for me. You can’t really….return these items. Buying it used sounds weird and potentially unhealthy. I’d totally be down to pay as much as some of these toys are if a) I already knew I’d love them and b) there was a return policy in case I didn’t. But I won’t know if I’ll love it until I try it and if I don’t I can’t return it and wasted literally hundreds of dollars.

DUDE why are sex toys SO EXPENSIVE like come on guys there has to be good stuff for broke people too


«&#160;a good pair of hiking clogs&#160;»